Who Killed Tyler Keenan?

Sarah McKeel

I was Incredibly blessed to have known Tyler when he lived in florida. I am heartbroken to hear that his life was taken in such a cruel way. Tyler helped me through a very dark time in my life and i have him to thank for becoming the person I am today. Although i only… Continue reading Sarah McKeel


I’m one of the founders of the Lititz Technology Academy where tyler studied for three months to become a Cisco Network technician for the live events Industry. I met Tyler during the orientation session for LTA’s first CCNA course. He was always upbeat and without being braggy had fun stories about his brushes with famous… Continue reading Henry

Karla Kreklow

I am Tyler’s Mom’s, Cheri, friend. I met Cheri when my equine vet volunteered both of us to take care of one of his client’s horses who had a terrible hoof infliction (laminitis). I was the nurse and Cheri provided the technical support. I heard many wonderful things about Tyler from Cheri, long before I… Continue reading Karla Kreklow

Chesney Claire

Just wanted to leave a brief message about what Tyler meant (means) to me……  I am Chesney Claire. I’m a musician in Las Vegas. I met Tyler at the very beginning of my music career through my then manager, David Davidian. David loved working with Tyler and Tyler is the one who actually introduced me… Continue reading Chesney Claire

Remembering Tyler “MYLAR” Keenan

Team at Poconos Park and From The Roots is shocked and saddened with the passing of a valued team member named Tyler Keenan. Tyler, fondly nicknamed as “Mylar” or “Mylar Tylar” by his colleagues at Poconos Park and From The Roots, was a one-of-a-kind guy. His love for drums, Avenged Sevenfold, photography, and videography was evident in everything he did.

From Jim G.

I was fortunate to know Tyler through his Dad, John Knew Tyler since he was a young kid. What a well mannered and respectful young man. We communicated through Linkedin when he moved to CA. He was on Cloud Nine. You could tell he loved it out there. He always called me Jim and I… Continue reading From Jim G.

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