Who Killed Tyler Keenan?


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Who Killed Tyler Keenan?

On February 26, 2023 at approximately 1:17am, Tyler Keenan the victim of a hit and run accident while crossing the intersection of Venice Blvd and Robertson in Culver City, CA, in front of the HBO offices. The friends and family of Tyler are pleading to the community for any information that can help us piece together what happened. 

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The intention of this website is to gather information on the events that occurred the evening of Tyler’s death, and to provide a central area for all of Tyler’s friends and loved ones to share photos, videos, and reflect on the wonderful young man that he was. 

Who was Tyler?

Tyler was a kind, sweet soul, a friend to everyone he came across, ready and willing to go above and beyond in every aspect of his life. Forever aspirational, Tyler was always ready and willing to shoot for the stars in every aspect of life. 

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If you have any information at all regarding the accident, please contact us!  


About Tyler's Accident


Police seek public’s help identifying driver in fatal Los Angeles hit-and-run

The Los Angeles Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying a driver involved in a fatal hit-and-run on the city’s westside Sunday.

Submit your anonymous tip to LA Crime Stoppers

You can submit your tip anonymously to the LAPD, using the link below. 


Stop Hit and Run Accidents


The number of hit and run crashes that occurred in Los Angeles County in 2021 alone.


Pedestrians and cyclists were killed in 2022 in Los Angeles motor vehicle accidents.  


Minutes. Every 18 minutes, a hit and run  accident occurs in Los Angeles.


You Can Help Make Traffic Fatalities a Thing Of The Past


From Mom

From the day Tyler was born

throughout his life, I have always felt so lucky to be HIS mom. That HE was the child I was blessed to have, watch grow, persevere through adversity, and develop into the beautiful man he was.

The memory I would like to share at this moment is how Tyler had invited me to move out here from Chicago and stay with him until I got settled. Just last October of 2021 he did that, so that we could be in closer proximity to each other, and I believe, for me to share in and see all that he was experiencing in CA. He has been so happy and successful in his life here, having been here just a year prior to his invitation to me himself.

So, January 2022, my 12 year old dog Theo and I drove to California, with much encouragement, support and faith, and moved in with Tyler, which, was for what we both thought would be a very temporary time, to get settled and get my own place. What 31 year old single man with a full life of his own offers such a thing???

Tyler and I have been very close and he had wanted me to experience the positivity he had living in California. It had been his dream for many years, loving the music industry as he did, to come here. He encouraged me to make my dreams come true out here too.

It has been the joy of my life to spend these last 14 months with Tyler. to see him accomplish all he has. To be as well thought of as he has. To be as happy and positive as I have ever seen him.

We had gone to lunch 2 days before he started his most recent and last work prior to his death, with Insomniac at the Exposition Park in Los Angeles. He was speaking again of all the projects he had coming up with a variety of work scheduled for the summer and heading into fall. He was SO excited about all of them. We looked at each other and I said to him as I often did “I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished in your life, making your dreams come true. I am so happy to be out here with you honey!” And he said to me ” I am proud of you Mom and happy you are here too” with his smile.

God knows the number of days we each have on earth. I have been blessed beyond measure to be here in California these last 14 months with my one and only child, seeing him so happy and passionate with his love for the music industry, his connections, friends and mentors he has been blessed to connect with. He would talk with me all the time about what he was doing, what he was looking forward to and the impact all of you have had on him. I am thankful to each and every one of you for the impact you have made on Tyler’s life.

Let us everyone remember Tyler’s heart and passion, for the life he created and loved and each make the most of the time we have here on earth. He is still with us in spirit and I am forever blessed and thankful for the time God has given Tyler and I together.

-Cheri Keenan (Tyler’s Mom)

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Tyler has touched the lives of so many. We are calling on each and every one of his friends and family to help give him a celebration of life that he would be truly proud of. Please help us by sharing pictures, memories, stories, videos, whatever you may have. We will also be posting more about his memorial services, celebrations, etc. as those plans are made.  


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