Who Killed Tyler Keenan?

Who's Tyler Keenan?

To get Something You Have Never Had, You Must Do Something You Have Never Done...



Sarah McKeel

I was Incredibly blessed to have known Tyler when he lived in florida. I am heartbroken to hear that his life was taken in such

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I’m one of the founders of the Lititz Technology Academy where tyler studied for three months to become a Cisco Network technician for the live

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Karla Kreklow

I am Tyler’s Mom’s, Cheri, friend. I met Cheri when my equine vet volunteered both of us to take care of one of his client’s

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Chesney Claire

Just wanted to leave a brief message about what Tyler meant (means) to me……  I am Chesney Claire. I’m a musician in Las Vegas. I

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Remembering Tyler “MYLAR” Keenan

Team at Poconos Park and From The Roots is shocked and saddened with the passing of a valued team member named Tyler Keenan. Tyler, fondly nicknamed as “Mylar” or “Mylar Tylar” by his colleagues at Poconos Park and From The Roots, was a one-of-a-kind guy. His love for drums, Avenged Sevenfold, photography, and videography was evident in everything he did.

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From Jim G.

I was fortunate to know Tyler through his Dad, John Knew Tyler since he was a young kid. What a well mannered and respectful young

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An Adventurer's Spirit

Tyler was an explorer at heart, a protagonist of budding friendships and a lover of any and all things music. 

And like all great explorers, Tyler was always filled with curiosity, inquisitive and proactive in his learning no matter the topic. He learned to approach life without fear, continually seeking new challenges and energetically preparing for each new opportunity.

He was steadfast in his pursuit of relationships. His friends have described him as the catalyst that fueled their relationships. Work colleagues have recognized his creative abilities, dedication to the job at hand and devotion to his fellow team members.
Not unlike many of us, Tyler’s life was not without problems. He struggled with substance abuse and its related adverse effects for a number of years. He ultimately recognized the destructive path he was on. Through his grit, tenacity and perseverance, at long last he emerged from his opiate addiction rather than being claimed as a victim of the scourge. Thankfully, all of that is a number of years in the rear view mirror.
Tyler’s courageous move to California in late 2020 was a major turning point in his life. His pioneering spirit, strength of character, new opportunities and an incredible circle of friends & supporters have combined to forge a wonderful life.
Now, we all pray that there is some greater good in the seemingly injustice of his untimely death. Let his infectious smile infect you, may he be an inspiration in some way and may his memory always bring joy.

Go Big or Go Home

No matter the event, no matter the distance… If there was something amazing to do, Tyler would find a way to make it happen. 

No doubt about it. All In, All the Time. And don’t try and say no. If he said 
you’re going, you may as well just get ready!

Dozens of concerts & music festivals. No make that hundreds…
  • 32 or maybe 33 times to see A7X. That’s Avenged Sevenfold for those that don’t know
  • Over 2,000 LinkedIn contacts in less than 6 months
  • More Covid compliance certifications than most of us probably knew existed
  • Concert & venue network design & implementation
  • Proactively learning & pursuing all aspects of live production & touring
  • Self-taught concert photographer & videographer
  • Launched TKeenanLiveMedia
  • Avid collector of autographed music memorabilia
  • Yes, his non-stop, high energy motion was in every part of his life: fun, work, events, passions, learning and caring for others. A true gem of a human being! We all love you Tyler.

    Justice for Tyler

    On February 26, 2023, Tyler’s life was cut short when a hit and run driver hit him while crossing the street and left him for dead. 

    We are pleading to the Los Angeles community that he held so dear to his heart to provide us with assistance and bring his killer to justice. 

    Please share this website, and his story with everyone you know. Together, we can provide the closure that his friends and family are so desperate for.  


    Thank You

    We Need Your Help

    You can help us find the parties responsible for Tyler’s death, simply by sharing this website. 

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